petty issues

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major thinking about petty issues

I don’t know why I am writing this, but sometimes I am lost and disconnected from the outside world. Its sometimes very impossible for me to be what I am used to – a happy and cheerful person. Some people I don’t know why but they tend to hate me and I don’t even know what I have done to them in context to their reactions and their behaviour towards me. Recently an incident happened with, well I would tell you that I am an ug student who is currently studying in one of the prestigious colleges of one of the states of India. So there is a guy in my class with whom I have a zero amount of interaction and to whom I don’t even talk. But as he is my classmate, I would reply to his Instagram stories and would wish him on festivals, etc. but today he suddenly blocked me, and I was like wtf happened to him, but there is a twist as I have a reflex reaction to everything that happens bad to me I also blocked him immediately.
See i don’t know why this guy has a problem but ever since I have joined this college this guy would make faces whenever I would give an answer in class or would listen to my conversations with my friends thinking that I must be bitching about him. See i don’t whether or not what I am thinking is right not, but I am sure he has some serious issues with me and which I would try to solve as soon as I can.

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