WHY SHOULD I CRY?(lost love)

adult alone anxious black and white


All my sufferings and troubles;

on each path of life I suffers,

Does not mean any importance to me; 

as on each path of life I get joy and peace.


As I laugh in times of my pains; 

without shedding tears like rains,

all laugh thinking I had gone mad,

but I think that showing your emotions are not bad.


All think I am a burden;                                                                      

but I think I am a wonder,

As I am a joy of someone’s heart;

so why should I cry so hard.


Every drop of my tears;

falling from my eyes that shears,

I want to forget my hurted heart;

but cant forget my sorrows so hard.


Only thing that I could say for inspirations;

cry in the limitations,

Wipe your tears and share your;

SORROW, it will make you relieved I swear.

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